Wednesday, September 30, 2009

...4 things...

"There are four things that will establish a move of the Spirit at a deeper level in our churches:

1. We need to preach the gospel of grace that Paul preached – it liberates God’s people.

2. We must have a desperate hunger for more of God’s glory Presence.

3. We mustn’t be afraid of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

4. We must not be afraid of what man says – especially religious men! We must not be afraid of the rejection!"

Rob Rufus - Glory and Grace conference -Holland 2009


Anonymous said...

someone wrote this:

“O God, thou knowest my foolishness; and my sins are not hid from Thee.”
(Psalm 69:5)

This Psalm is a messianic psalm, one that sets forth the glory of Christ as Messiah in prophecy, type, and revelation. These words not only apply to King David and, in essence, to all believers, sinners saved by grace, but they are also the words of the Lord Jesus Christ as our substitute, sin-bearer, and surety. He stood in our place and bore our sins on the cross. All the sins of God’s elect were made to meet on HIM (2 Corinthians 5:21).

He bore our sins “in His own body on the tree” (1 Peter 2:24).

He actually had a human body and soul in which as Godman, He bore our sins on the cross and died in our place to satisfy God’s justice for us.

Some modern-day, self-appointed pundits actually go so far as to say Christ was “made a sinner Himself” on the cross. They speak of the sins of God’s elect “imparted” or “infused” to Him.

This is nothing short of heresy and not supported by the clear testimony of Scripture which speaks of the sinless Christ whose blood is incorruptible.

The question is raised, however, “If Christ were not made a sinner Himself, if He remained sinlessly perfect within Himself on the cross (and He did), how then could He personally say, ‘MY sins are not hid from Thee’?”

How could our sins be HIS sins?

The answer is found in the blessed and glorious truth of IMPUTATION.

All the sins of God’s elect were imputed (charged, accounted) to Christ so that as He became legally responsible and accountable for all these sins, they actually became HIS sins.

Pastor Henry Mahan in commenting on Psalm 69:5 in his book, “With New Testament Eyes, Vol. 2,” wrote, “David might truly say this but not our Lord, UNLESS he refers to our sins imputed and laid to His charge. He was made to be sin for us (2 Cor. 5:21).”

How could Christ claim our sins as His own?

It was not by being made a sinner Himself.

It was by being “made sin” for us.

Anonymous said...

and someone replied:

that theological THEORY is severely flawed. we are all responsible for our actions. it’s blasphemous to even suggest god will “impute” someone’s crime or wrong doing on an innocent party when civil laws, which he instituted, will never exact such unjust punishment to resolve a single defiant act of chomping down an apple – simplistic and foolish view.

truth of the matter is, jesus death was politically motivated
now why didn’t christianity understand the political implication of jesus death?

firstly, christianity cannot view his death from a political perspective – self explanatory.

secondly, the definition of SIN is incorrect. SIN, in the beginning was not a moral failing but one of worshipping or elevating man to god status – becoming like god.

SIN therefore is structural defiant, not about your moral failing.

The story of First Adam depicts the rise of MAN to imperialistic rule that results in the oppression and suffering of the people.

TO resolve this SINFUL STRUCTURE, the obvious solution is to remove the strongman in his place or house where he rules.

Jesus death, being the Second Adam, symbolizes the death of the serpent( john chapter 3, lifting the serpent in moses story) or the destruction of the temple of man so as to restore power back to the people.

so when you read…he died FOR our SIN( the sin of submitting to the rule of man or the anointed one), he is in effect saying…..the king, he represented the king who ruled wickedly, must be CRUCIFIED/removed that we, the people, can be…KINGS(sovereign will/rights restored -your salvation as a people). in other words, he died FOR YOUR SAKE …… NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR YOUR MORAL FAILING OR DISOBEDIENCE OR GUILT whatever etc.

thus salvation is a democratic process as we are witnessing all over the world

the above is just half the story only.

Anonymous said...

your grace theory holds no water when you can't even get genesis right!

Craig Glenn said...

Anon no 1...i like what you have posted. 2 cor 5:21!

Anon friend, i am sorry to say, you are seriously use 1 text in your entire reply, which is all based on flawed opinion really...and even the text in that context is made to fit into your "theory"...

The bible does definitely NOT say what you say it says...99% of believers will not agree with you...and that includes those that don't preach grace...i mean your stuff is just plain weird bro..

I have now begun to worry about you...

Anonymous said...

there is no truth as to what grace( the grace doctrine or movement) can do for you - which is based on supernaturalism which cannot be substantiated. the correct view on grace must then be seen from the political and social perspective(go read it from the mouth of jesus in his gospels - not what you have been taught by your false prophets/teachers).

sorry, the hocus pocus on grace is all crap!

Anonymous said...

"Anon friend, i am sorry to say, you are seriously use 1 text in your entire reply, which is all based on flawed opinion really...and even the text in that context is made to fit into your "theory"...

The bible does definitely NOT say what you say it says...99% of believers will not agree with you...and that includes those that don't preach grace...i mean your stuff is just plain weird bro.."

christianity/christians will crucify this anon 2 for saying that(aka inquisition) so you are right, anon 2 has been pelted, hated and therefore MURDERED(censored) wherever anon posted

but to help anon2 correct that view, you must first understand where, in your view and from the populist biblical view, anon2 has gone wrong instead of hurling words are confused, you are WEIRD.

specifically argued, what is confusing and weird about the logic or rationale of anon2?

thank you

Craig Glenn said...

Again, your opinions and theories do not line up with scripture...what i say is "substantiated" by scripture...what you say is "substantiated" by your own deluded thoughts my friend...

If you want to write "sound" doctrinal rebuttal, fine...if you are going to write more of what you have been writing, i suggest you go and do it somewhere else...otherwise i will delete it...

i am not silencing your voice, i just no longer want to read your rubbish...if you want to let it be heard, start your own blog...


Anonymous said...

read the link above and get an idea who the "Devil" is.

Anonymous said...

you see like others, you just hate but precisely over what? you have no idea so the next thing is to raise your SWORD and kill!

that is in a nutshell, the spirit of christianity which is historically recorded in all the blood it has shed and you say anon2 is....confused and weird?

do you seriously need to justify your religious intolerance or what you truly are?

Anonymous said...

goodness, anon2 just expressed a perspective or view, not raped or go on a rampage killing children in school and yet, that view evoked so much....HATRED to the point of killing or silencing someone's opinion.

i suspect anon2 is probably right on the buck just like when jesus was hated for his views.

Craig Glenn said...

Anon no. "whoever you are" answer you would take to i said, you guys have a beef about Christianity of the past, can have your opinions...thing is, every time i post a comment i get a whole lot of comments from these Anon people that frankly are just rants about a whole lot of stuff...

Please, for the last time, start your own blog, and rant on that one...i couldn't put it any plainer than that...

Bless yous

Craig Glenn said...

Hi anons...i have changed my mind...

If you want to comment...go for it!

Just keep it clean...