Monday, November 29, 2010

By GRACE through FAITH !!

Started a series yesterday called "BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH" ...

The law IS NOT based on faith, GRACE is !!!!

Time to break off the unbelief and step into all He has for us...

Manifested blessing be yours !!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seven Signs that You Might Be Living Under Law

"1. You’re not 100% sure if you’re 100% forgiven

God doesn’t do forgiveness in installments. All your sins were forgiven at the cross (Col 2:13) when God the Son abolished sin by the sacrifice of Himself (Heb 9:26). Neither God the Father (Heb 8:12) nor God the Holy Spirit (Heb 10:17) remembers your sin any more. Still not convinced?

2. You believe Christians have a duty or responsibility to serve the Lord

Duty and responsibility are synonyms for obligation so this is a mind-set that says we are obliged, or indebted, to God. I’ve heard it said that “Jesus has done so much for you, what will you do for Him?” Indeed, God has given us everything. Ever wondered why? He did it “that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus” (Eph 2:7). He is not just rich in grace, but exceedingly rich. You cheapen His grace by thinking you have a duty or responsibility to pay Him back. Your responsibility is to believe that He is good and true! It is not our obligation to serve the Lord, it is our royal privilege. It is not our duty, but our great delight.

3. You suffer from performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is a rational response to the uncertainty of life under the old covenant. But anxiety has no place in the new. We are to draw water from the wells of salvation with joy (Is 12:3). We walk under law in anxiety and fear, but we walk under grace with joy and thanksgiving! “Happy are those whose wrongs are forgiven, whose sins are pardoned! Happy is the person whose sins the Lord will not keep account of!” (Rms 4:7-8, GNB)God has made us His Sons, and with such a Father we need not be worried about anything (Mt 6:32). He is our Provider who delights to give good gifts to those who ask Him (Mt 7:11). Those who serve under the law are insecure, but sons are secure.

4. You think, “God will bless me as I do my part”

The essence of a life enslaved by law is the mindset that says, “I must do something for God.” The motivation may be to earn salvation or some other blessing. But this mindset is anti-Christ and anti-cross. Contrary to what you may think, we are not justified by what we but do grace alone (Rms 3:24). Grace and works don’t mix (Rms 11:6). Grace, peace, and every spiritual blessing have been given to us by God our Father through Jesus Christ (Eph 1:3). We are not called to work for God, but to do the work God. (Eph 2:8). Faith is a positive response to what God has done. Faith is saying, “thank you Jesus!” Faith is healing the sick and casting out demons, because Jesus made provision for our healing and deliverance at the cross.

5. You think we need more preaching on repentance.

Repentance saves lives, but preaching on repentance doesn’t lead to repentance! A law mind-set emphasizes what people must do (repent!), but grace proclaims what God has already done (everything!). A law mindset uses inferior incentives (fear, judgment) that lead to temporary changes in behavior, but grace (God is good and He loves you!) changes the hardest heart. If you want people to genuinely repent, preach the goodness of God (Rms 2:4).

6 You think you have to overcome life’s trials or Jesus will blot out your name.

It really isn’t about you. Jesus is our over-comer and our victory (Jn 16:33). Everyone who believes Jesus is the Son of God has already overcome the world, because The Over-comer lives in them (1 Jn 5:4-5).
Jesus promised the overcomers at Sardis that He would never blot out their name. Ever since then insecure performance-oriented believers have feared He might change His mind and do exactly that.

7. You mainly think of following Jesus in terms of giving up things

Christianity is a our life for his. No doubt you’ve heard people say that following Jesus costs you everything. And it does. You cannot call him Lord without renouncing the right to your own life. But see what you get in exchange! If salvation means nothing more to you than self-denial and personal sacrifice, you’ve missed the whole point. our life for His. God favors us with this exchange. We give him our sinful little selves and get everything in return. A law mindset looks at what we give up, but a grace mindset rejoices at what He offers in return! Stop thinking about what you gave up (nothing you could keep) and start enjoying what He has given you (everything!)."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

...our part?

The grace of God teaches us, accepts us, embraces us, enables, us ... shows us how full of faith we really are!!!!!!

... our part, to think about it, meditate on it, believe it !!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

...let the gifts flow, regardless !!!!

"I believe that there are two glories that the Bible teaches. One of the remarkable things about the theology of what you are in is that you believe in reading the Bible in context. And I believe that 2 Corinthians chapter 3 – it is amazing to me that the Corinthians were the most carnal people.

They were drunk at communion and were having sex with temple prostitutes and one guy – God alone knows what he was doing with his mother in law because Paul says it was even embarrassing to unsaved Corinthians who were expert sinners. These people were ones who needed to have dos and don’t put on them but Paul writes to them for me the most amazing chapter in the whole New Testament and distinguishes the difference between the Old and New Covenant.

And he never says “Stop the gifts – I’ve had enough”. He gives loving administration to the gifts but says have more gifts – I would that all prophesy I want you all to speak in tongues – I want you to desire the mighty gifts of the Spirit. So Paul didn’t quench the gifts. But he writes this chapter and distinguishes between Old and New Covenant glory ....

... So Paul makes a very clear distinction and there can be no ambiguity after reading 2 Corinthians 3. He says in (v4) that we don’t have any confidence in ourselves but God has made us competent ministers of a New Covenant not of the letter that kills but of the Spirit that gives life!"

Rob Rufus