Saturday, July 11, 2009

true holiness...

"The more you see by faith your heavenly position - then the more your current condition gets rooted in the heavenly realms and the fruit of being rooted up there will show over here! You don't even have to make it manifest. You won't be able to stop it manifesting.

The religious world tries to pull on leaves and branches to make the tree grow. Forget it! Feed the roots and the tree will grow and produce fruit! Get rooted and established in the heavenly realms and the fruit will show up in the earthly realms!

If you don't see that holiness is about living from your position and who you really are, then when you read Scriptures about holiness - you will assume all they are talking about is not sinning - when in actual fact they are trying to say that if you live from your position in the heavenly realms then you will not only overcome sin but you will see heaven coming to earth and you will see the kingdom coming to earth!"

Rob Rufus


Anonymous said...

first of all, you must be subjected to a power, an authority or someone...who is above you, imposing his knowledge of good and evil on you before an empire can be created

this someone, who wants to rule you, knows that you need to partake/subscribe/submit/yield/worship/bow/be obedient/eat of his fruits/knowledge/commands/laws of good and evil if he will to dominate you and....of course,in the process, enriches his position/power and ...wealth/prosperity or bank accounts.

so you say...yes, i agree. i shall submit but....haven't you forgotten you are human incapable of living up to someone exact demands?

so the one who is over you exploited your gullibility and your..insecurity.

what should have been a respectful marriage has become a relationship of mutual exploitation and mind games( not i but my savior) that lead to...death.

hmmm...that's what i think the bible is trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon (prior)
Do you have a blog too, let me know where to find it so I can work out what you on about please!