Friday, June 19, 2009

The foolishness of the cross, part 5

"Christianity stands utterly alone and utterly opposite all other religions because it's not at all based upon what I can do. It's based upon what Christ did for me," said Gage. "There is no way that we can merit, that we can deserve eternal life."

After 2,000 years, the cross is still confusing and controversial. But to those who believe, it is eternal life.

"The idea of a world being saved by Christ crucified was indeed foolishness to those who were proud and boastful and who thought the wisdom of the world was vested in them," stated Graham. "How different it is for those of us who, in simple faith, know Christ crucified. For us, the cross is the power of God and the wisdom of God."

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Anonymous said...

problem here is, Christianity has no idea what christ represented.

yes, the ways of christ is foolishness to the world but alas, christianity interpretation of the cross is even foolisher!

in fact, it is absurd.