Friday, May 7, 2010

herein lies the reason...

"Also, whenever we emphasize grace, there is a potential problem of others misunderstanding that we are making light of (having insufficient emphasis of) sin. Actually, when we emphasize grace, not only are we not making light of sin, but we are doing exactly the opposite; we are saying:Sin is devastating—serious—pervasive. And herein lies the reason we emphasize grace— Grace Is The Only Remedy For Sin."

Johnny Tatum


Knox Church Waimate said...

Good quote. Thank you.
Can you tell me of any material, books, mp3 etc that I can get of Johnny Tatum's?

Thank you for your help.



Troy Thackwray said...

Very Good!

How's this quote I found by John G Lake - too many people are preaching his RESPONSE to revelation, instead of preaching the SOURCE OF his revelation (...which is Grace):

"There is a consciousness, that seems to me by the Word of God and by my own personal experience, that must be possessed where any individual can enter into the direct presence of God and receive the baptism of the Spirit.
That is the consciousness of sinlessness. The consciousness that your sins are gone
...I tell you, beloved, that the external evidences of God and the power of His Spirit, no matter how wonderful, are a small matter compared with the consciousness of the Word of God in the human heart; in your heart and mine, bless God..." (John G Lake)

John G Lake understood the Grace of God, and who he was because of Jesus's sacrifice, and THAT'S what bore fruit in his life!