Friday, December 11, 2009


"Religion: "Replacing relationship with God for rules and rituals. Adding to God's word with traditions of men, and operating in wisdom of man instead of God's revealed will and wisdom."

a. Conforming to man or a religious circle.....Uniformity
b. The religious spirit seeks to have us serve the Lord to gain his approval instead of receiving our approval through the cross.
c. Living in fear of pleasing men, self-preservation, self-protection, and being an exclusive sect that is closed to anything different.
d. Measuring up to man's expectations that are not from the Lord
e. Death, sterility, and lack of the true anointing: "A religious spirit is a demon which seeks to substitute religious activity for the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives."
It's primany goal in any church or ministry is to bring them to a place where "They have a form of godliness, but deny its power (2Tim 3:5)."


Andrew de Beer said...

Howzit Craig, here's a thought to do with a religious spirit...

All demons are spirits, just like angels, but fallen...

A person with a Spirit of depression has a spirit/demon that itself is depressed and manifests it through the individual.

A person who has a spirit/demon of fear has a demon that is litteraly scared or fearfull manifesting through them.

A spirit/demon of:
Death, wants to kill itself - but cant as an eternal spirit, so they need to inhabit people.(in a futile effort)
Sickness or infirmity is sick and 'infirmed'.
Mute AND Deafness.... cant speak or hear (as we have testimony that these two demons often partner together!)

So, in the same way that a demon of fear is fearfull..... of what?.. jugement perhaps, because torment and fear go hand in hand.
A relligious spirit is continuously trying to earn Gods favour by "holiness" and good works. They manifest through people who dont understand the Gospel as it is. The spirit manifests as religion - it is a fallen angel that is trying to make right with God.

Thats why they (religios demon/spirit) resist the Gospel so much because it puts an end to their effort of trying to stand righteous before God as they once did before their fall.
They revel under the Law because they have a "hope" as righteousness under that covenant was dependent on obedience and NOT on Grace through Faith.

Just a thought...
later bru

Craig Glenn said...

Struggling with that thought bro...