Monday, October 12, 2009

...sharply contrasted spheres...

For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ"(John 1:17).

"The most obvious and striking division of the Word of Truth is that between Law
and Grace.... It is vital to observe that Scripture never mingles these two principles.

Law is God prohibiting and requiring;
Grace is God beseeching and bestowing.

Law is a ministry of condemnation;
Grace is of forgiveness.

Law curses;
Grace redeems from that curse.

Law kills;
Grace makes alive.

Law shuts every mouth before God;
Grace opens every mouth to praise Him.

Law puts a great and guilty distance between man and God;
Grace makes guilty man nigh to God.

Law says "do and live";
Grace, "believe and live."

Law never had a missionary;
Grace is to be preached to every creature.

Law utterly condemns the best man;
Grace freely justifies the worst.

Law is a system of probation;
Grace, of favour.

Law stones an adulteress;
Grace says,"Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more."

Under law the sheep dies at the hand of the shepherd;
Under grace the Shepherd dies for the sheep.

Everywhere the Scriptures present law and grace in sharply contrasted spheres. The mingling of them in much of the current teaching of the day spoils both, for law is robbed of its terror, and grace of its freeness."

C I Scofield


The Righteousness of God said...

Here is a radical statement in contrast to law & grace that I just had maybe 15 minutes after reading this. I was commenting on Andre's site about the born again person no longer has a fallen nature, by such, God would not only be the author of confusion but the author of spiritual schidsophrenia and that is the work of the devil. However, in reference to this that you wrote, I made mention in that site that since now our old man IS (not going to be or daily) crucified dead and buried in Christ, now "The righteousness of the law is fulfilled IN us (our new nature possess the very perfection the law demanded of the old man but could never deliver). In light of that, much much light, with us being the very perfection in Christ, having the Spirit of Christ, joined to our new man as ONE SPIRIT, the law that 'SHUT THE MOUTHS OF OUR FALLEN NATURE UNDER GUILT & CONDEMNATION' has now 'HAS NOW HAD ITS OWN MOUTH SHUT BY OUR NEW NATURE BEING THE VERY PERFECTION THE LAW DEMANDED!!!!' Listen, THE LAW HAS NOTHING IT CAN EVER SAY TO YOU AGAIN, YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS BY CHRIST JESUS FAR EXCEEDS THE DEMANDS THE LAW HAD ON US, IN CHRIST WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW WITH ITS MOUTH SHUT! Amen!

Craig Glenn said...