Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Always obedient? Yeah right...

"I promised in the second place to show you that we have no righteousness of our own—and therefore by ourselves we cannot be saved. I trust I need not dwell upon this point long, and therefore I shall only say a few words to enforce it on your notice.

Look at the law of God, and measure its requirements. Does it not ask of every man a perfect, unsinning obedience from first to last, in thought and word and deed, without one single failure in the slightest jot or tittle? And where is the son or daughter of Adam who can say, "All this I have performed"? Who is not conscious of a daily falling short in everything he does? I do not speak so much of thieves and liars and adulterers and drunkards and the like—for these are walking towards hell, leaning on Satan's arm. I speak rather of those who do not live in gross vices. I would even take the case of the best Christian among ourselves, and ask him if he can name a single day on which he has not sinned in many things. Oh, how much he would tell you of wandering in his prayers, of defilement in his thoughts, of coldness toward God, of lack of love, of pride, of evil tempers, of vanity, of worldly-mindedness! And all, remember, in the heart of one of those few who are traveling in the narrow way which leads unto life. And how shall we then believe, though all the world persuade us to the contrary, that man can ever purchase his acceptance in the sight of God? So true are the words of that clear-sighted witness the apostle Paul, "By the deeds of the law shall no flesh living be justified."

George Whitfield

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The Righteousness of God said...

In response to this, my question will follow after my testimony, and I whole heartedly agree with you. I didnt know how really warped my little brain was until I began growing in grace. Jesus delivered me from an alcohol bondage that consisted of 12pk of beer every night with a minimum of a 1/2 pint of whiskey or vodka on top of the 12pk per night, 7 days a week for nearly 5 years. I heard a message about sowing and did so, believing God would deliver me from alcohol and 3 days later He did. I got a rhema word from a minister on tv saying, "The Lord says you have wanted to stop drinking alcohol and that from this day forward, not another drop of alcohol will ever touch your lips again." Has it? Nearly 5 years now, not even the desire of it after drinking as heavily as I mentioned for 1/2 a decade with the habit totally nearly 15 years. My question is this: "How do I confront legalism that has dressed it self up in the form of 'vows & covenants'when people lean so hard on 'sowing' but the religious addiction they have become entangled in, is nothing more than witchcraft or legalism disguised as vows & covenants of giving." This person is my mother and she has gone to the extreme of going nearly broke just to 'keep her covenants'no matter what. If confronted, her reply is "Look at what the Lord did for you when we sowed a seed." This woman, my mother who lives 23 miles from me, has seen me sow seeds believing for other things as well and I have received them, which reinforces her to believe in 'vow & covenant making' but I know now (GRACE), what I did not know then when I got delivered from alcoholism. I only give now, 'out of my love to God' knowing He loves me unconditionally but before knowing that, I had fallen into the trap of believing, like my mother now, that "If I didnt give, God wouldnt meet my needs or desires." Because of the grace of God, I give from a totally different motive now, and it is because in Christ I have already received everything His grace provided. I 'tithed' to get God to make me rich under Mal.3, but now I no longer 'tithe,' I 'give' as I purpose in my heart out of love which is typically more now, than when I 'tithed' under the curse of Mal.3. I 'give' because by Christ becoming poor, He has made me rich, 2Cor.8. So, I know her giving is under 'Old Covenant' and when she says to me, "If I keep my word about my covenants no matter what, God will...' I just simply agree because she is right, she must keep her covenants that she put her self under, no matter what, for 'every man must bear his own judgment,'Paul said. That is an eye opener, 'whatever judgment I put on others to adhere to, I must bear that over my life! I preach grace, grace and more grace so that I can bear the judgment of grace, getting what I dont deserve because Jesus got everything I deserved, judgment, punishment, condemnation, rejection and a heaven as brass over His head on the cross!What is your advice to me, concerning anyone who is under the law, even in their giving? Love ya!