Saturday, June 6, 2009

a great mystery !

"At the day of Penticost, many were saved and placed in Christ but all did not know what had REALLY happened to them! All still had some sort of law attached to them. Paul comes on the scene, gets the revelation and starts to defend and teach what God gave/taught him. Paul calls this act of God in producing a "new creation" "a great mystery" (Col. 1:27). He says that the only hope a believer has is to be in, and to know he is in, Christ.

At least five times Paul says that this revelation, this final gospel, was not given to anyone else but him and it was not known by anyone else before him. Now Read 1 Cor 4 : 1. We have been entrusted (the KJ version says Stewards) to give this message just like Paul. He (Paul) was a steward to send this message out. We are in Christ!"


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