Friday, March 27, 2009

The Older Brother Syndrome

"The older brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son had outer life conformation. So he conformed to what he thought the rules and regulations of the house were. He worked in the Father's house but received nothing of the Father's inheritance. All he knew was confirmation not supernatural transformation. But the prodigal son came home and instantly transformed into sonship in the house while the older brother living for years in confirmation receives nothing. Many in the church are full of "Older Brother Syndrome".


Joel B. said...

That's so true... the older brother was focused on externals, which is nothing more than a life of living by the flesh. Grace for the younger brother just wasn't in his mindset. And the fact that his father's view of himself wasn't based on him earning any inheritance, but only by grace, wasn't even comprehendible to him.

The church truly needs to get out of the older brother syndrome and realise that it's allll by grace!

Craig Glenn said...

good one Joel!! I believe, there is now taking place a theological reformation regarding the gospel of grace in the church worldwide...just got back from Hong Kong for a "glory n grace" conference lead by Rob Rufus...there where over 20 countries represented there! awesome to see so many people hungry for the simple gospel, with signs following...God is doing it all over the world, he IS bringing freedom to his bride and those believers who chose to "hold" onto a legalistic, law based mindset are going to lose out...big time!

Thanks you Jesus

Joel B. said...

Yep, I believe there truly is a worldwide revolution of grace going on, and it's a thrill to be a small part of it! I heard about Hong Kong from Jul and Lydia, and I know it was a wonderful time for all who attended. I just got back home from a Radical Sonship Conference in Atlanta, with Steve McVey and Paul Anderson-Walsh. Very life-transforming words, with some heavy themes lifted from Ephesians.

I'm very excited as more and more people are coming to live in the love and freedom for which they were created!