Friday, February 27, 2009

a failure proof righteousness

"Your obedience and my obedience never ever produces righteousness! It is the obedience of the one Man that has given us the gift of right standing with God forever! This is a fool proof, failure proof and Satan proof righteousness! Because if it depended on the level of my performance then it wouldn't be failure proof because there is not one day where I can keep the law 100% but I live in faith that every split second of every day I am right with God because my righteousness is based on Jesus Christ obedience and never on mine!"

Rob Rufus


Joel B. said...

Right on! If it's about my performance or obedience, then I might as well put myself in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and send myself off to hell right now. ;)

Thank God for the gift of righteousness!

Craig Glenn said...