Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Error of the Gratitude Ethic

"I say this is surprising because there is a very common view of Christian behavior which this verse contradicts (Gal 5:1 -it is for freedom that Christ has set us free). It is called the "Gratitude Ethic." It says that God has done so much for me that I will devote my life to paying back my debt, even though I know I will never be able to completely. And even though most Christians who work out of this gratitude ethic would say that they are not trying to earn their salvation, nevertheless, when they start working for God because he has given them so much, it is very easy to begin to think of God's free gift as a loan to be repaid or as advance wages to be earned. So the gratitude ethic tends to put you in the position of a debtor instead of a son. And that is slavery. None of us feels completely free while we are burdened with a debt to be repaid. Christ does not want you to relate to him as a debtor who uses the law to make installment payments on an unending loan."

by John Piper


RJW said...

All of thses posts are AWESOME!!

Thanks, Craig.

love & Grace.

Craig Glenn said...

cool guys, just doing my bit to get THE message of Gods gospel of grace out there....one day it will hit like a flood!!!