Thursday, January 15, 2009


Romans 12:2 tells us to renew our minds…why?…..because for so many years we have programmed our brains daily to think wrong thoughts about ourselves, living daily with thoughts of condemnation, eminent judgement by God, guilt and fear…being lied to by the Devil, the world and some WELL MEANING Elders, Deacons and Saints, all of this especially if we have lived listening to a confusing mixed message of law and grace!

The result? We don’t believe we are who God says we are and our lives often reflect it….So God tells us “…do not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds…”

How do we renew our minds? By seeing ourselves daily as God sees us, not as we see ourselves…by looking at ourselves daily “through” the gospel of God’s grace…by MEDITATING daily on the Fathers love and desire for us…by BELIEVING daily the Father wants to do NOTHING but bless us…by confessing daily we ARE sons (and daughters) under the grace of the Most High God, with awesome futures full of hope and prosperity…by believing daily our sins ARE washed away once and for all, releasing us from Old Covenant sin consciousness to New Covenant Christ consciousness… that we are NOT sinners saved by grace but Saints wallowing in grace…by BELIEVING daily we ARE the righteousness of God in Christ, not because of anything we have or will do but only because of what HE did on the cross…why?

Cause…”God made him who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that IN HIM we might become the righteousness of God” 2 Cor 5:21…

Gee, I feel a renewal coming on already!!! PRAISE GOD


Tony said...

wow, this is so true. Thankyou for reminding us again.
Our upbringing tells us that our identity is found in what we do, how we look, what we have. I realised so much Christians and non-christians live under that same condemnation. I've taking some acting training (although its not Christian) and we are taught to step out of our comfort zones- be expressive and release your feelings, and letting go of anything that would hold us back- what really holds anyone back from stepping out in boldness and take risks? it's guilt, not feeling accepted by our heavenly Father.
The very thing that the world is searching for 'is the very thing' that Jesus is offering- "I came to reveal the Father..." Love from our Heavenly Father Who's calling us to come home.

There 2 short videos on the "Father Heart of God"

The world has the problem of 'rejectiong complex, not knowing who their heavenly Father is.'
And we've got the answer.

Craig Glenn said...

Hey Tony...Great comment bro, fantastic!! so right, Its guilt and condemnation that the world and the so much of the church is suffering with, Jesus said you will know the truth and it will set you free...not free so we can go to heaven (but that is one "benefit") but free from guilt and condemnation..Praise God

Tony said...

Thanks Glen, so often I think that guilty and condemnation is like the fence/boundaries on the field and it will keep in a safe place. So if I live by guilt and condemnation, I won't end up doing anything wrong. But actually guilt and condemnation are the prison bars and it will hold you in a cell of frustration and bondage and eventually lead you greater sin.
What do you think about that?

Craig Glenn said...

Exactly bro...why? Cause law is the power of sin...good theology brings life, bad theology brings my friend are preaching good theology!!

Joel B. said...

This is why I like the word "renewal" so much better than "revival." :) Not that anyone has to agree with my assessment, but to me, the word "revival" means something dead is being brought back to life. The church, as I see it, thinks they need revival, when in reality if they would live with what you're talking about here, the ongoing renewal of our minds, we wouldn't feel "dead," but rather we'd face each and every day with the vibrancy of the life of Christ in us!

They would realize the church isn't "dead" and therefore doesn't need "revival," but rather simply needs to be renewed in the truth of who they already are - people who have already been made alive with Christ!

Craig Glenn said...

very good Joel...once we were dead (unsaved) but now we have been made alive with Chist (saved) its unsaved or you say, so many of the saved on this planet NEED their minds know they ARE saved...and all that comes from that revelation!!!

Joel B. said...

That's what I like about this blog and others like it. You're constantly spreading the wonderful words with which to renew our minds!