Tuesday, January 6, 2009

...and neither can it sanctify...

"Legalism is an attitude which equates righteousness with external compliance with a code of conduct. This code may be correct or incorrect. Our conduct may or may not measure up to the standard. The reasons why it is so devastating are:
  • it ignores or underestimates the role of inner attitude and motivation;
  • it focuses upon self-effort rather than on divine enablement;
  • t encourages pride rather than humble dependence upon God;
  • it tends to ‘use’ the Scriptures to reinforce our own preconceived ideas and preferences;
  • it tends to conceive of our acceptance with God as performance oriented;
  • it arouses the flesh and incites us to sin, rather than the avoidance of sin;
  • it tends to impose one’s personal convictions on others, and to condemn them if they fail to live up to our rules.

Legalism cannot save you my friend, and neither can it sanctify. Praise God! "

by Bob Deffinbaugh

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