Friday, January 2, 2009


"In 2009 I believe the church is going to be brought into a greater understanding of what it means to LIVE from its position and identity in Christ. I believe this will happen as the grace truths of position and identity unfold and are built into our hearts by the Spirit of God. They include:

1. Who we are in Christ; a new creation birthed into a new order of existence, sealed by the Holy Spirit, perfect in God’s sight (Hebrews 10:14), righteous because God has placed us in Christ, not because of anything we do.

2.Where we are in Christ; by grace we are in Another, the risen and ascended Lord, hidden in God’s unconditional love and acceptance, seated with Him (resting from our works) in heavenly places. Our part is not production, but reception of our life in Christ.

3. What we are in Christ, “no more a servant but a son and if a son, than an heir of God through Christ”, walking in the assurance of uninterrupted favor."

by Jim Hoag


Rejoice said...

Amen, the Holy Spirit is revealing to individuals and it can only be concluded that it is the work of God not man.

I sense there will be a great reversal going to happen: first becomes last, least becomes the greatest, God is using what is considered foolish in this world to confound the wise; the insignificant group of believers (church) which have no credentials to have His glory the ultimate analysis all will have to bow down and proclaim that it is God, not our wisdom,education,wealth...that has done it.

Craig Glenn said...

Good one Rejoice...and even in the church itself God is confounding the wisdom of the wise...those who think thy know exactly how He works...