Monday, December 1, 2008

Old vs comparison really

2 Corinthians 3

The Commandments (LAW)-------------The New Covenant (GRACE)

written on tablets of stone (v. 4) -------written on the heart
the letter that kills (v. 6) ---------------the Spirit that gives life
a ministry that brought death (v. 7) ----a ministry that brings life
engraved in letters on stone (v. 7) ------ministry of the Spirit
came with glory (v. 7) ------------------even more glorious
the ministry that condemns (v. 9) ------the ministry that brings righteousness
no glory now in comparison (v. 10) -----the surpassing glory
it came with glory (v. 11) ---------------much greater glory
it is now fading away (v. 11) ------------the ministry that lasts


Joel B. said...

Yeah baby... yeah!

Craig Glenn said...

yeay can say that strange how as humans beings just love to hold onto the old...its like we need an everyday reminder of where we are positioned....