Monday, December 22, 2008

The gospel of grace is an "already finished" message.

"The gospel of grace is an “already FINISHED” message. II Cor.5:17 says,”Therefore if any person is in Christ he IS a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [the previous) HAS passed away. Behold, the fresh and new HAS come!” Lot’s of past tenses there!

As a result we have a RIGHTEOUSNESS that can never be contaminated.
We have an ACCEPTANCE that can never be questioned.
We have a a STANDING that can never be invalidated. (Nothing and no one can ever prevent us our right to rest in His presence).
We have a JUSTIFICATION that can never be reversed.
We have a SEAL that can never be violated. (Our Father has positioned us in His Son and put upon us the seal of the Holy Spirit!).
We have an INHERITANCE that can never be denied.
We have a SALVATION that can never be annulled.
We have a FORGIVENESS that is total and can never be rescinded.
We have BLESSING that can never be interrupted.

As a result, we have a MESSAGE that can never be repressed.

by Jim Hoag


Alan Hiu said...

Hi Craig and family,

Merry Christmas and happy holiday.

Craig Glenn said...

Hey Alan...same to you and your brother !!!! have a good one...What a time to remember what God has done our behalf...such an awesome time that the WHOLE world stops to give gifts to each other....