Wednesday, November 19, 2008

N.W.O.M.B. (New Widgets On My Blog)

Hi There my friends, fellow bloggers and fiesty grace lovers!!

I have added 2 more widgets to my blog (below "Neo visitors counter").

1. A song i wrote called "Rumblestrips?" in my little home studio (no voice, just instruments), it has about a 4min intro, total 8:30ish mins....and best heard on headphones for the stereo effect!!
2. Four youtube vids of Brian Regan, who truly IS the funniest man on the planet!!!



dan lewis said...

awesome bud- listening to your homegrown tunes is like eating a good home-cooked sunday lunch or sipping on a home-brewed ginger beer

Craig Glenn said...

i didnt say my mom recorded it, i said i recorded it ;-) heeheehee

Anonymous said...

oh i thought it was yo mama hahahahahaha lol hahaha hee hee hee oohhh haha !!!