Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Grace Message?

"What exactly do you mean by the phrase "The Grace Message"?

The Grace Message though it may seem like a new concept, really began with the Apostle Paul. Jesus came preaching the gospel of the kingdom. He came for the Jews, the lost sheep of Israel. Paul however came after the cross, with the gospel of grace. Preaching that a man may be declared righteous apart from his deeds...."

Now i know, Jesus came full of grace and truth, (actually he himself preached and demonstrated grace) but the revelation he gave to Paul was exceptional in that it clearly defined all that He had done for us...the church...and the world...(for he LOVES the world)

The grace message has been "lost" along the way and in this time God has started a revolution (of grace) that is forever going to change the church...the me....PRAISE GOD!!


SPS said...

Amen. Let the RIVER FLOW!

Craig Glenn said...

sps...thanks for the are soooo right, LET THE RIVER FLOW, LET GOD'S PEOPLE GO!!!!!!!!!