Sunday, September 28, 2008


Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us - for it is written, "cursed is anyone who is hanged on a tree" Gal 3:13

Jesus took the punishment, He took the wrath of God in my stead...i sinned and He took the punishment...i mean that is radical.

I now believe on Jesus and i am Justified (just-as-if-i'd-never-sinned) why...BECAUSE he took the punishment on the cross!

People say that the "message of grace" trivialises sin, no sir, on the contrary...i makes sin out to be as bad as it REALLY is SO bad that Gods only Son, was sent ( and went) to the cross, to become a propitiation for us, so that the wrath of God would be absorbed in Him, thus taking on himself what we rightly deserved...
Then, at the end of those 3 long hours, He said "IT IS FINISHED", meaning, I have absorbed the entirety of the wrath of the is over...from now on ALL who believe on Me will never have to absorb the wrath of the Father...So...Christ redeemed us from the curse, from death, from wrath, by His own death...

...and to show that, justice had been done, that God was "satisfied"...HE raised Him on the third day!
That doesnt mean that i can just go live like the devil, of course not, what it means is that i am now the righeousness of God in Christ...when i sin, and i do, everyday...God is not wrathful towards me...there is no punishment waiting for me...there is only Grace, saying, "come my boy, come to me. i love you, so much that i took it all, all the punishment, all the judgement, all the curse...all thats left is for you to believe and to see yourself as i see you, 100% righteous..."


Joel B. said...

Right on! The cross of Jesus makes sin out to be exactly what it was! The wages of sin is death. No way does the message of grace trivialize it; it highlights it to the max! And then the resurrection of Jesus, with whom we died and were then also resurrected, highlights the gift of God - Life - that is freely given to all who simply believe.

Bino M. said...

Thanks for sharing great truth!