Saturday, September 20, 2008

Deeply entrenched legalism...

"Layers of law and a deeply entrenched legalism have cut many Christians off from living directly unto their heavenly Father. And, obviously, the enemy does not want to see that gap bridged and Christians coming into full assurance of their sonship. In fact, one of Satan’s highest priorities is to divert as many believers as possible from recognizing the totality of God’s grace, to hide the truth that we are righteous and accepted by God through grace and grace alone. Why? To make Christ of no value and no effect in our lives. Revelation of God’s acceptance grace empowers us to WANT fellowship with Him, and sin has no appeal in that atmosphere. Jesus has uninterrupted favor and love from the Father. In Christ, we have uninterrupted love and favor from the Father as well."

By Jim Hoag of Mission Now

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