Friday, August 15, 2008

Stay with the gospel !

“ To begin with I was made nigh by the blood, and to continue in that new relationship I come through the blood every time. It is not that I was saved on one basis and that I now MAINTAIN my fellowship on another. Some say, “ that is very simple; it is the ABC (milk) of the gospel.” Yes, but the trouble with many of us is that we have moved away from the ABC. We have thought we had progressed and so could dispense with it, (saying we are now on the meat) but we can never do so”. - Watchman Nee

"We always need milk as it strengthens our bones. If we do not drink it then our skeleton becomes weak. We can work all we want on our muscles but if our bones are weak we will eventually crumble. The bible tells us to “crave spiritual milk”, those who so wish to move on from the milk and eat only meat will look strong for a while but eventually they will crumble. I want to eat meat and swallow it down with milk. To say we must move from the ABC ( milk ) is to say we must move from the gospel. When we head in this direction we will eventually fall from grace and go back into a performance based christianity. This type of christanity is faithless, and “ without faith it is impossible to please God”

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