Sunday, August 24, 2008

Do you know who i am?

"Vision starts with identity and purpose. Through a revolution in our identity, we can think with divine purpose. Such a change begins with a revelation of Him. One of the tragedies of a weakened identity is how it affects our approach to Scripture. Many, if not most, theologians, make the mistake of taking all the good stuff contained in the prophets and sweeping it under that mysterious rug called, the Millenium... The mistaken idea is this: if it is good, it can't be for now. A cornerstone of this theology is that the condition of the Church will always be getting worse and worse; therefore, tragedy in the church is just another sign of being in the last days. We are so entrenched in unbelief that anything contrary to this worldview is thought to be of the devil...We are often more convinced of our unworthiness than we are of His worth. Our inability takes on greater focus that does His ability. But the same One who called fearful Gideon a Valiant Warrior and unstable Peter a Rock has called us the Body of His Beloved Son on earth."

Bill Johnson

Craig says...."when we preach the gospel of Gods grace (the grace of Gods gospel) to believers, we immediatly begin telling them who they ARE in Christ....that, in essence, is what the gospel in the New Testament says, what God himself says...look at who you ARE my boys and girls, my beloved."

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