Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Revelation

What a time we had down in Cape Town this last week....hearing Rob Rufus once again go for the jugular of the legalistic thinking, gospel perverting, bird caging "brothers"....Christians leaders who although saved and sincere, do a fine job of bringing the Bride of Christ into bondage. That may sound a little harsh, please dont get me wrong i love them but they are doing untold damage to the cause of Christ....for more of this please read Galatians in the Holy Bible....Anyway, It was a powerfull time!!

I have come to understand that this message is really a revelation that comes from Jesus, just as the Apostle Paul recieved it by revelation so does the world of Christendom need to recieve it from Him....this is my prayer...that those in Christ ( everyone who professes Jesus IS in Christ)will come to an understanding of the Righteousness that is theirs, following on from that, the freedom thats theirs and then the blessings that are theirs, all and only because they are IN Christ...God will do it, for it is His bride after all...and He is Faithfull.

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